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We always focus on Google as our starting platform, but we work on just about every platform imaginable, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit and more. 

You get full-service PPC team that's World-class at creating and executing wildly profitable advertising campaigns across every major platform.

We don't stop working until we've achieved strong profitability, and we'll work tirelessly to achieve that so that you can focus on operations and growing your business internally. 

Most PPC or ads agencies simply create ads and drive traffic to your website. Not us.

We make sure everything is set up for success. That means designing adverts, landing pages, copy, lead nurturing systems, lead scoring systems and re-marketing flows to ensure we capture as many new customers as possible for the lowest cost possible. 

We provide a number of services as part of our payment plans.

- Ad strategy
- Ad creation
- Ad design
- Landing page design
- Conversion rate optimization
- Conversion tracking 
- Multi-touch attribution tracking
- Lead nurturing
- Detailed reporting

Firslty, you need someone to oversee any of our paid ad campaigns regardless. Hiring in-house is fine, but unless you hire a superstar, they're not going to have all the specific skills required to succeed in PPC. It's not enough to know your way around a platform, you need to be highly technical, able to implement advanced conversion tracking and be able to code websites to make the most of each platform's advanced toolset. On top of that, we have a team of designers, copywriters and ad researchers at our finger tips.

Last but not least, we spend over $10,000 per month just to have a World-class technology stack so that we can gain a serious advantage over our competition. Tools really do make a massive difference. 

PPC management services encompass the strategy, implementation and optimization of pay-per-click advertising campaigns. These services aim to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) from ads placed on search engines like Google, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For example, our team might optimize your Google Ads campaign focusing on keywords that drive the highest quality traffic to your site at the lowest cost possible, to help you grow your customer base. 

We're unique in that we have a completely flat fee model here at PPC.io. This is because we don't want to be incentivized to unnecessarily inflate your ad spend and help ourselves to higher percentage of that spend.

We take PPC reporting more seriously than most. All of our clients receive detailed monthly reports and access to real-time live performance dashboards. Reports include metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and overall ROI. We also provide insights and actionable recommendations for ongoing strategy refinement.

Ultimately, we want to clearly show you the profit and revenue that our ad campaigns are driving for your business.

The beautiful thing about PPC is that you'll start seeing results immediately. With that said, it does take time for Google's platform (along with other ad platforms) to understand and adapt to the initial results. Essentially, we need to spend money on any new account in order to receive data and allow machine learning to optimize for results. For this reason, it normally takes up to 2-3 months before we start seeing improved performance.

First of all, we test and experiment more than any other agency. Our optimization process involves continuous A/B testing, keyword management, ad copy refinement, and landing page optimization. We monitor performance metrics closely, such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and quality score, making adjustments to improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

We're incredibly proactive with removing wasteful campaigns, keywords or ad groups and strong at doubling down on strategies that are generating high-quality leads at the best price.

Everything we do is in-line with your business goals, so that we can achieve dizzying heights of profitability together.