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It's our mission to work relentlessly to make that happen.

Stewart Dunlop

Stewart Dunlop – Founder

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Stewart Dunlop

Stewart Dunlop


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Michael Dunlop



Set Up

We painstakingly plan for guaranteed success. Anyone who promises to have your ads up and running in a matter of days is going to lose you a ton of money, guaranteed.

An idea can turn into dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.


In-depth understanding of your ideal customer

web analysis

Competitor analysis

We find businesses in your industry that are killing it with paid ads


AI Research

We leverage AI to rapidly gain insights into your competitors winning ads, giving us an unfair advantage from the start


Lead Magnets

We build our offer & positioning to drive customers


Landing Pages

We design World-class landing pages that convert everyone who sees them


Platform Selection

We determine the best platforms to advertise on e.g. Google, X, Instagram, TikTok etc


Building The Profit Machine

There’s a huge amount of work that goes into doing this right. Most agencies are happy to watch you bleed money inefficiently to the ad platforms. Not us.

“Most agencies don’t care about turning your business into a profit-generating machine. We do.”


We target your ideal customer to perfection depending on interest, search intent, location and lookalike audiences


Ad Creation

We build ads and copy that people cannot scroll past without clicking

user budget

Establish Budget

We determine how many new customers you can handle and establish budget accordingly

AI bot

AI Bid Optimization

We leverage AI tools to reliably optimize our bidding strategy based on 100s of factors, giving us the highest return on PPC spend



NASA Science-level tracking - We need to track everything perfectly so that we know exactly what impact ads are having



We’ll group all the ad campaigns based on goals, keywords, target audience and more



We’ll then match all of the ads to the right landing page that meets the intent of that advert, to make sure our profit machine converts to perfection

rocket launch


We launch our initial ad campaigns


Test, Grow, Scale

This isn’t just about running advertising, it’s about growing your business long-term in a highly profitable way.

“The top 0.1% of advertisers test 10X more than anyone else.”


The Ad platform needs to learn to optimize

test flusk


We rapidly test to evaluate performance


Lose Money

It may sound counterintuitive, but we need to be conscious that we’re losers at the start, and rapidly become winners


Find Winners

It’s our job to find what the winning ads are and then massively scale those up

money bag

Build the Profit Machine

We’re now starting to fully develop the lead generation machine


Optimize & scale

We head back to the lab to run experiments and optimize for maximum profitability

increasing chart

Ambitious Growth

We want your business to become the dominant force in your industry

time money relation

Long-Term Vision

Just how big can we grow this thing? We map out how to continue growth for months and years to come, in line with your business resources


From the founder

Stewart Dunlop

“Paid advertising, if done correctly, has this wonderful ability to level the business playing field.

That's coming from someone with a strong background in SEO, who grew a huge agency through organic search alone (with almost zero help from any other channel including social).  

But paid ads and the AI revolution have presented us with this almost-magical opportunity where small or new businesses can quickly rise to the top 🚀

Agencies love to confuse their clients with technical jargon. They talk about ROAS and CPA, without pulling the strategic levers to get superior results...

There's more to the story than just the ad platforms:

  • Branding 👨🏼‍🎨
  • User Experience 😎
  • Data 📊

And that's why we founded PPC.io.

We want to help great businesses and great people to profitably scale, ignoring the noise and focusing on what really gets results. 

Follow the data. Always.

Certain seasoned PPC experts passionately insist that exact-match campaigns and single-keyword ad groups are the way to go. 

Why have an entrenched opinion like that in a data-driven age?

If I’m an exact-match keyword evangelist, and I test a broad-match AI-powered campaign for long enough and that beats my exact match hypothesis, then how can I argue with that? Good data is undeniable.

Paid ads isn't about clinging to theories. it's about validating through rigorous testing. If you don't test to confirm your hypothesis, you're not really a marketer, you're a guru with entrenched opinions.

It’s also important not to have tunnel-vision on any one metric.

We might think our broad-match AI test was a stellar success, only to discover that many of those new customers never make a repeat purchase! 

This is classic confirmation bias, and a result of inferior data and testing.

PPC marketing is about being data-driven detectives, solving the mystery of how we put $1 into an advertising funnel and get $10 back. 

We work relentlessly with clients who share our passion for profitable growth, not technical jargon."

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