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You need to get your paid channel working. The results with PPC.io have been amazing and the demand has outstripped what we can deliver.

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They've helped us consult on PPC efficiency for some of our billion-dollar clients. Next-level strategies.

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Helped scale my travel business to heights I never thought possible. I almost can't handle the number of new leads we're getting.

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Helped us massively scale our eCommerce store. Nothing but glowing praise for them - Highly recommended.

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Our Process

Agencies love using our white label services because we deliver incredible results for their clients.


Discreet Research

We'll work privately with you to learn everything up front about your client's, including their competitive landscape and setting goals to define exactly what success looks.

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Building The Profit Machine

Our team builds the perfect PPC strategy, mapping out everything from keyword selection to bidding strategy and more. It's our superior strategy that drives incredible profits and growth for your clients.

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Invisible Execution

We work anonymously behind the scenes to execute success month after month. You'll have beautiful white-label reports that you can deliver directly to your clients and take all the credit for the strong PPC performance.

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We care about your cilents.

Our Full List of White Label PPC Services

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  • Anonymous Account Management
  • White Label Campaign Setup
  • Discreet Keyword Research
  • Invisible Ad Creation & Optimization
  • Confidential Conversion Tracking
  • Private Label Reporting & Analytics
  • Non-Branded Client Dashboards
  • Ghostwritten Ad Copy Services
  • Undercover Market Analysis
  • Stealth Competitive Research
  • Covert Bid Management
  • Shopping Feed Management
  • Display Ad Strategies
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Undisclosed Quality Score Improvement
  • Incognito Landing Page Consulting
  • Private PPC Audit Services
  • Ad Extensions Management
  • ROI Optimization
  • Strategy Development
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  • Live performance dashboard
  • Beautiful branded monthly reports
  • Ideas list for your clients
  • Landing page design
  • Click fraud prevention
  • Ongoing optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Copywriting
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Everything you need to know about our White Label PPC Agency.

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Our approach to remaining invisible to your clients is centered around using Google Ads Manager Accounts (MCC) to manage their campaigns. By linking your client's Google Ads account to our MCC, we can perform all campaign management tasks without your client ever seeing our involvement. This method ensures that all communications and campaign changes appear to come directly from your agency. We work diligently behind the scenes, providing all the benefits of our expert white label PPC management without any visible footprint. This setup maintains the integrity of your client relationships and upholds your agency's brand as the sole provider of PPC services.

Long story short - We give you beautiful reports that we can even brand with your logo. You look amazing to your clients, and you take all the credit.

To be more specific - We use Google Looker Studio to offer live, up-to-the-minute reporting, ensuring you and your clients have access to real-time campaign performance data. Our team prepares detailed written reports and conducts monthly sync-up calls with your account manager to review campaign progress, insights, and recommendations. These reports are customizable and can be branded to match your agency's identity, allowing you to present them directly to your clients as your own. This approach keeps the reporting process seamless and ensures that your clients receive comprehensive, insightful, and actionable performance analytics, reinforcing your agency's value proposition and maintaining transparency with your clients. 

White label PPC is a service where we, PPC.io, manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on behalf of your agency for your clients. We work in the background, ensuring our involvement remains invisible to your clients, allowing you to deliver world-class ad results under your brand name.

Our unique selling point lies in our transparent pricing model, which is not based on ad spend but designed to empower our partners with effortless profitability through a 2-3x markup advantage. Combined with our invisible management approach and world-class ad results, we provide a seamless extension to your agency’s offerings.

Absolutely! You have the freedom to set your own pricing structure for your clients. We provide our services at transparent rates, allowing you to apply a markup that aligns with your business goals and client expectations.

We use Google Ads Manager Accounts (MCC) to manage your clients' accounts efficiently. This setup allows us to perform campaign management tasks invisibly, ensuring that any modifications appear as if made directly by your agency.

An MCC Account, or Google Ads Manager Account, is a tool that allows agencies to manage multiple Google Ads accounts from a single location. It's crucial for streamlining operations, providing bulk operations, and ensuring enhanced privacy, as our involvement remains invisible to your clients.

To set up an MCC account, visit Google Ads and select the option to create a Manager Account. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup. Once your MCC is ready, you can invite us by sharing your client’s 10-digit Ad Account ID and then providing us with your MCC ID for access.

Firstly, we genuinely care about your client's profit and bottom line. Our comprehensive PPC management includes daily campaign monitoring, optimization, client communication, and technical checks. Weekly, we engage in strategic planning, creative refreshes, detailed reporting, and AI-driven insights to ensure continuous improvement and high-quality lead generation for your clients.

Our world-class design team conducts audits on your client's current site to determine the need for bespoke landing pages. We focus on designing high-converting landing pages, hosted via LeadPages or similar platforms, utilizing your client's domain through CNAME redirection for optimal tracking and performance.

In addition to core PPC management, we provide click-fraud protection, landing page services, existing campaign optimization, lead nurturing, continuous monitoring, and detailed reporting. Our goal is to enhance campaign efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize ROI for your clients.

The onboarding process involves collecting client and service/product information, setting up Google Ads and landing pages, establishing goals and conversion tracking mechanisms, and finalizing the client agreement. This comprehensive approach ensures a tailored and efficient setup for each client.